WMD Mini Slew

WMD Mini Slew

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8HP Voltage controlled function generator/envelope. MINI SLEW is a feature packed function generator and voltage controlled slew limiter.

  • Generates transient functions using the rise, fall and shape controls.
  • Generates complex functions using the voltage controlled shape and vari-out via direct CV inputs.
  • Novel time compensation mode permits the timing of the transient to remain relatively constant while the shape parameter is adjusted.
  • CV SUM mode permits a single CV patched into rise or fall to process both parameters or two - CVs patched into rise and fall to be summed and applied to both parameters.
  • VC cycle (toggle on/off)
  • End of rise and end of fall outputs
  • FM input and an LED voltmeter for monitoring the amplitude of the direct positive output.

Video: https://youtu.be/H06DJn_5xAU

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