Found Sound luthier Adam Cole has a long & rich history in guitar making and repairs. After working as production manager for Maton guitars in the mid ‘90s, Adam went on to co-found Cole Clark guitars.
He has built instruments for the likes of Billy Gibbons, Josh Homme, Tim Rogers, Ben Harper & Magic Dirt as well as tech for Ace Frehley, You Am I & Grinspoon.

Fret cleaning
Fretboard conditioning

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar $35.00 plus strings (12 string guitars $45 plus strings.)
Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose style trem $55.00 plus strings.

Action adjustment and intonation: $35.00

Guitar Clean and Polish:
Electric guitar & bass body only - bolt on neck style $45.00
Electric guitar & bass - set neck style $45.00
Acoustic Guitar $40.00

Service & Setup:
Fret polishing
Fingerboard conditioning
Nut service (slot cutting & polishing)
Tuning key service
Bridge/saddle service
Electronic control & output socket clean and lubricate
Action height adjustment

Acoustic 6 String $69.00 plus strings
Acoustic 12 String $129.00 plus strings
Electric 6 String $119.00 plus strings
Electric 6 String with trem $129.00 plus strings
Electric 6 String with locking trem $189.00 plus strings
Electric 12 String $149.00 plus strings

Nut Replacement:
removal of old nut
Fitting of new nut
String slot cutting and polishing
Fret cleaning
Fretboard conditioning

Acoustic guitar, Electric 6 string guitar:
Bone $65
Graphite $35 (plus parts)
Brass $85

Bass guitar:
Bone $65
Graphite $35 (plus parts)
Brass $85

12 string guitar:
Bone $105
Graphite $45 (plus parts)
Brass $105

Other services such as fret dressing & crowning, re-fretting, neck repairs, wiring & nitro-cellulose refinishing to be added soon. Please contact us for a quote.

We also offer electronic repairs including synthesizers and amplifiers.

All prices subject to change without notice

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