Winter Plankton ZAPS

Winter Plankton ZAPS

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Designed in a glorious partnership between Plankton Electronics and Winter Modular, Zaps is a percussion-line synth voice designed for creating organic sequences that can mutate over time.

It uses a combination of different techniques such as controlled randomness, morphing, and storing (or locking) synth-voice parameters in CV-controlled slots which can be externally sequenced.

The synth voice is a digitally controlled two-oscillator FM and AM-analogue engine with two envelopes and cross-modulation.

  • Sequence Preset Slots externally for changing percussion or synth lines
  • Add subtle randomness to any parameter for slightly changing sounds, or go wild for unpredicted surprises on every trigger
  • Morph sounds between Slots
  • Assign accent to any parameter for added expressiveness
  • Randomly generate full banks of sounds
  • Capture any randomly generated sound into a preset slot for further editing
  • Freeze/Revert the state of the module for careless editing during live performances
  • Live editing of a single or multiple Slots simultaneously for expressive tweaking
  • Generate melodic percussion or synth lines with the V/O tracked oscillators
  • Use CV-in control of any parameter or CV-out control for external modules (control FX-sends or automate external-synth parameters)


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