Behringer TD-3 MO SR
Behringer TD-3 MO SR
Behringer TD-3 MO SR
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Behringer TD-3 MO SR

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The Behringer TD-3-MO is an authentic interpretation of its iconic predecessor, but with a twist. It features an all-analog signal path, a 16-step sequencer, transistor wave-shaping circuitry, built-in arpeggiator, a 4-pole resonant lowpass filter filled with character, and lots of other killer mods that push its capabilities to the extreme.
Experience a pure analog signal path that's based on classic VCA, VCF, and VCO synth predecessors.


  • Pure analog signal path taking inspiration from classic VCO, VCA, and VCF gear
  • 16-step sequencer with 7 tracks containing 250 user patterns
  • 4-pole low-pass resonant filter fwith envelope, decay, resonance, cut-off and accent controls.
  • Square and sawtooth waveform VCO (featuring transistor wave-shaping circuitry)
  • Control filter frequency parameters using MIDI C/C
  • Sub-harmonics oscillator with a switchable output level
  • Analog slide circuitry (containing exterior slide control)
  • 33 switches and 15 dedicated controls for real-time alterations to settings
  • MIDI/USB incorporation plus voice priority and MIDI channel selection
  • 16-voice poly chain allows you to hook up a bunch of synths for up to 16-voice polyphony Flexible gate and CV in/outs
  • Built-in overdrive control and accent control
  • Filter tracking control allows for filter frequency tracking of the selected note
  • Soft attack control delivers varied attack times for notes without accents
  • Variable slide time via the slide time control
  • Accent sweep switch with 3 different sweep combinations featuring a high resonance mode
  • Sweep speed switch with 3 accent speed settings: normal, fast and slow
  • Muffler circuitry with a full bass response and post VCA distortion capabilities


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