Cwejman RES-4 Quad VC Resonator

Cwejman RES-4 Quad VC Resonator

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The RES-4 is a modified VCEQ-4 with combined four band pass filters in to two outputs; BAND PASS and NOTCH. The BAND PASS is a sum of all four filters (RES1, RES2, RES3 and RES4) in phase and the NOTCH is a sum of filter1 (RES1) + fitler3 (RES3) in phase and filter2 (RES2) + filter4 (RES4) inverted.

The result of these two outputs is a different frequency response with differently positioned notches for the BAND PASS and the NOTCH.

All parameters (Peak frequency, Bandwidth and Level) can be controlled manually (knobs) or by CV inputs, individually for all four resonators. Additionally, peak frequencies and levels, for all four resonators, can be controlled by linked CV inputs (MASTER CV FREQ and LEVEL).

Unit has rack rash.


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