Make Noise René 2 - B STOCK - With Warranty
Make Noise René 2 - B STOCK - With Warranty

Make Noise René 2 - B STOCK - With Warranty

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The René music synthesizer module is a powerful 34HP three-dimensional prism of composition. It is the world's only 3D Cartesian Music Sequencer. Named for the French philosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses the Cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles of linearity. The original René was a one-channel, two-dimensional Cartesian sequencer with limited memory, this new René is a three-channel, three-dimensional Cartesian sequencer with memory for up to 64 complete STATEs. Considering the multiple channels and FUN programming options per multiple axis, René has become an n-dimensional matrix or tesseract of synthesizer sequencing.

  • 3 CV outputs for controlling pitch or timbre
  • 3 Gate outputs for generating musical events
  • Snake and Cartesian patterns available simultaneously
  • STORE all Programming in one of 64 STATEs.
  • New Z-Axis allows for modulating through any combination of 64 Stored States

Unit is B-Stock but is brand new with warranty. Minor signs of use around knobs the front panel.


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