Yamaha REX-50 Digital Multi Effector

Yamaha REX-50 Digital Multi Effector

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The Yamaha REX50 as a digital multi-effector', meaning that it can produce a large number of audio effects singularly, rather than several effects simultaneously.
You can use MIDI Program Change messages to remotely select any REX50 effect, as well as set the pitch shift of one of the three Pitch Change options and trigger the Gate effects.

There are 9 major types of effects available:

  • Reverb: 4 types - Hall, Room, Vocal and Plate.
  • Early Reflection: 4 types-Hall, Random, Reverse and Plate.
  • Delay and Echo: with either separate or combined feedback.
  • Modulation: 4 types - Flange, Chorus, Phase and Symphonic.
  • Pitch Change: 3 types - MIDI controlled with feedback; 2 pitches in stereo or mono.
  • Gate: a noise gate/envelope shaper and gated reverb.
  • Compressor: a delay and compressor.
  • Pan: auto-panning.
  • Distortion: basic 'overdrive' distortion plus nine combinations with reverb, delay/echo and modulation effects.

Requires step down transformer.

Video: https://youtu.be/E5ngEIF-xjE

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