Behringer TD3 BB Analog Bass Line Synth

Behringer TD3 BB Analog Bass Line Synth

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The Behringer TD-3 Baby Blue analog synthesizer is an affordable and authentic homage to the iconic synthesizer that revolutionized house music, with a brand new distortion circuit!

Only produced from 1981 to 1984, the original Roland TB-303 was initially a commercial flop as a replacement for the bass guitar (LOL) but it soon found its place as one of the most-loved synthesizers for what became known as Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Featuring an all analog signal path, 16-step sequencer, transistor wave-shaping circuitry, built-in arpeggiator and a four-pole resonant low-pass filter; The TD-3 gives you a bass line synthesizer that will take your EDM production to the next squelchy level!

Features include:

  • Single oscillator with switchable sawtooth and square waveforms
  • All-analog VOC, VCF, VCA signal path
  • Four-pole resonant filter to twist and morph your sounds
  • 16-step sequencer with 7 tracks and 250 user pattern slots
  • Programmable accents, slides, and real-time parameter manipulation using 11 controls and 28 switches

Finally, equipped with Poly Chain output, you’ll have no problems linking multiple modules to achieve 16-voice polyphony. The TD-3 integrates easily with your existing synthesizers, as well as your DAW via 5-pin DIN and USB-MIDI.


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