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Tascam - 58-OB Tape Machine & M-1600 Mixer

The Tascam 58-OB is 1/2" 8-Track Reel-To-Reel Tape Machine that represents the pinnacle of Tascam's reel-to-reel line. Built in an industrial-grade rackmountable enclosure and features tape scroll wheel. Included is the Tascam M-1600 Mixer which features 16 channels, 8 with mic preamps. semi-parametric EQ with adjustable mid frequency.
Tascam 58 is in need of a new pinch roller in the future and some VU meter bulbs are out. Includes take up reel.

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Auto reverse, 2-head, single compact cassette deck. Finished in the classic AKAI Silver. Made in Japan.

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Audiotape/Capitol - Q15

1/4" x 2500ft 1.5 mm thick magnetic recording tape on 10.5" metal reels.
Multiple tapes available, all unused. Tapes are being sold as-is in potentially varying condition.

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TEAC - RC-70 Remote Control Unit

Remote switching unit for Tascam/Teac reel-to-reel and cassette machines. Will suit Tascam 122, 133, 122 MK II cassette deck, Tascam 42 NB, Tascam 44, 388, 32, 34, and 38. Gives you extended access to Record, Pause, Play, Stop, and Fast forward/Rewind functions.

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Tascam - Midistudio 688

8-Channel 4 Buss Analogue Cassette Recorder. The Millennium Falcon of cassette multi-tracking, the 688 is a 20 input mixing system with electronic routing control and MIDI Tape Synchroniser combined into a single workstation. Includes 3 Band EQ with sweepable midrange, Phantom Power, Insert Points and Punch IN/OUT feature and more. Made in Japan.
First headphone output jack only outputs one side, and dbx switch on back is snapped.

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Studer - 2" Blank Head Block

Nr 012160. To suit A800 series. No Heads Included.

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Studer - A 800 Varispeed Control

Varispeed Remote Controller Module Type 1.328.120 for Studer A 800. Made in Switzerland

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