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Audiotape/Capitol - Q15

1/4" x 2500ft 1.5 mm thick magnetic recording tape on 10.5" metal reels.
Multiple tapes available, all unused. Tapes are being sold as-is in potentially varying condition.

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Rode - NT3

True condenser externally biased 3/4” capsule, with cast metal body with durable satin-nickel finish, transformerless output, and Internal capsule shock mounting. Made in Australia.
As is, runs off internal battery but wont run on phantom power.

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Frontier - Alphatrack

Frontier Design Group’s AlphaTrack combines a set of intuitive tactile controls in a compact and attractive package. AlphaTrack includes a 100mm, touch-sensitive, motorized fader which provides true 10-bit resolution for smooth and precise level control. AlphaTrack also has three touch-sensitive encoders. These let you adjust track and plug-in parameters while the 32-character backlit display shows detailed feedback in response to your touch. The encoders provide quick control of pans, sends, EQ, plug-ins, and automation.
Includes USB cable.

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DBX - PB-48

The PB-48 is a rugged, noise-free, versatile patchbay designed to serve all your patchbay needs, from providing clear and easy access to your mixer and other studio gear, to reducing the wear and tear on their jacks, to facilitating quick and precise rerouting of devices within your studio setup.
In mint condition in box.

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KRK - Rockit 4

30 watt 2-way active studio monitor with 1" soft dome tweeter and 4" glass-Aramid composite woofer. Delivers high frequencies up to 35kHz, vocal clarity and extended bass response. The proprietary bi-amped, class A/B amplifier grants SPL up to 100dB.

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Lindell Audio - PEX-500M

Limited edition Lindell Audio PEX-500M 500 series Pultec style EQ. The PEX Five Hundred is a one channel transformer coupled Passive Pultec inspired Equalizer. It’s got 15db boost of the creamiest high end you’ve ever heard and the most punchy low end heard in the 21st Century.
Two available for sale as stereo pair.

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YAMAHA - 03D 24-Channel Digital Mixer

The 03D's flexible configuration of analog and digital inputs and outputs makes it suitable for a wide range of professional mixing applications. Included are 24 input channels and a fully-featured stereo input - for a total of 26 inputs plus 4 bus outputs, 4 auxiliary effect sends, a main stereo bus and a solo bus. Stereo digital inputs and outputs, plus 8 digital inputs and outputs. Forty 4-band parametric EQs and 40 dynamics processors are available for all 26 individual channel inputs, 2 onboard stereo effects returns, the 4 bus outputs, 4 aux sends, and main stereo outputs. Onboard dynamics processors include compressor, expander, gate, ducker and compander functions, and a total of 80 dynamics memories.
Includes original manual.

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Behringer - ADA8000

The ADA8000 is a high quality 8-channel 24 Bit A/D and D/A converter for virtually any digital recording or mixing environment with 48 volt Phantom Power & optical ADAT in/out interface for ultimate compatibility.
Two available.

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Industry standard 2 way nearfield passive studio monitors. The original domestic version. Made in Japan.

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Industry standard 2 way nearfield passive studio monitors. This version was designed for horizontal orientation, incorporates a redesigned tweeter and crossover to address the HF tonal balance issues, and features a more rugged cabinet design without grille-mounting sockets, and has improved connection terminals. Made in Japan.

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Mackie - 1604VLZ-PRO

16-channel mixer featuring 16 high-headroom line inputs with +4/-10 operation control, 16 balanced inserts perfect for integrating outboard gear, 4 aux sends, level, pan, solo and overload/mute LED indicators on each channel, 4 stereo returns, 8 direct outs and 4 group/bus outputs.

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Ableton - Push 2 9 Lite

Ableton Push allows you to make a song from scratch. With hands on control of melody, harmony, beats, sounds and song structure. Push puts the fundamental elements of music making at your fingertips and it all fits in a backpack alongside your laptop.
In mint condition in original box.

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YAMAHA - MV802 Mixer

8 Channel stereo rackmount mixer with two aux sends, two microphone level inputs on channels 1 and 2, Balanced and unbalanced stereo outputs, LED stereo VU level meters, and sub input for all mix busses.
120V version, requires step-down transformer.

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TEAC - GE-20 Graphic Equalizer

'70s - '80s TEAC stereo/two channel 10-band graphic equalizer.
Missing two slider caps, and globe in VU is blown.

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Waves Panels - Isolation Pads

Isolation pads for speakers/turntables with removable wedge piece for tilt mount or flat mount. Made in Australia.
Brand new.

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AKG - K702

The K702's are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. They combine an extremely accurate response with agility and spaciousness. This is achieved by using revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and a patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm. A totally open design and a high-performance cable complete these reference headphones. Made in Austria.
In excellent condition with nearly no use. Includes cable and box.

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Genelec - 8020B

40W Active Studio Monitor with 4" bass driver and 3/4" tweeter. Maximum sound pressure level of 95 dB. Made in Finland.
Some scuffs on body.

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Advanced Audio Microphones - CM87

The CM87 is a Neumann U87 style large-diaphragm, three-pattern, fet condenser microphone that features Advanced Audio's double-diaphragm/double back-plate, 6-micron AK67 type capsule and Class A transformer-coupled amplifier design. It is well suited for recording vocals or instruments in any studio or live application.
Includes case and shockmount.

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Lindell Audio - 500 Series Rack

Lindell Audio 500 Series rack loaded with two 7X-500 1176-style compressor modules, and one PEX-500 Pultec style EQ.
Includes soft carry bag.

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Rode - NT1000

The Rode NT-1000 is a condenser microphone featuring a HF2 1” capsule with gold-plated diaphragm, cardioid polar pattern, full frequency response, and Internal capsule shock mounting.
Includes padded mic pouch.

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