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Lab Systems - 210 HLC Bass Speaker System

200 Watt RMS 400 watt Peak 2x10" 8Ω speaker cabinet.

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Lab Systems - 210 HP Bass Speaker System

400 watt RMS 800 watt program 2x10" 8Ω speaker cabinet.

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Gallien Krueger - 1001RB-II

The GK 1001RB-II is a compact solid-state bass head with a 700 watt power amp with a separate 50 watt horn amp for high frequency preservation. Made in the USA.
Includes Neutrik Speakon Cable.

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Ultratone - Custom Forty

Circa '60s Ultratone Custom Forty, made by Moody in Sydney, Australia. The equivalent of the Moody GA-40, it features spring reverb, tube tremolo, and runs 2 x EL34s for approximately 40 watts.

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Rex - Mascot

Beautiful '60s Australian made all-valve amplifier with a single 12AX7 preamp, and an EL84 power tube for 4-5 watts of output through an 8" speaker. Simple volume and tone controls.
Fully serviced prior to sale.

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Marshall - JCM800 Lead Series Cabinet

Marshall 2x12" cabinet loaded with GT-12 Celestions. Made in the UK.

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A back to basics 4 watt all tube amp with tone and volume controls. 4 watt, 1 watt, and 1/4 watt power scaling. Inspired by the classic Vox AC4.

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Ashdown - AAR2 Reso Acoustic Radiator 2

The Ashdown Radiator 2 is a powerful 120 watts RMS acoustic guitar amplifier. Central to the design is a hi-fi quality, 120 Watts RMS bridged power output section, providing massive headroom and a perfect response throughout the frequency range. Features inputs for active and piezo pick-ups on channel 1, and both jack and balanced XLR (with switchable phantom power) low impedance inputs on channel 2. Also features extensive EQ control for feedback management, and a multitude of reverb types that are footswitchable. Made in England.
Extremely rare chromed steel chassis model.

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Fender - Acoustasonic Ultralight Head and Cabinet

The Fender Acoustasonic Ultralight head delivers outstanding clarity and accurate acoustic amplification with a fully solid-state design, and stereo 2x125 watt power amplifier for separate amplification of instrument and microphone. Features headphone output, 3-channel EQ, and a multitude of high quality and DSP effects. Also includes the matching Ultralight stereo 2x8" cabinet.
Includes head carry bag, footswitch, and speakon cable.

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